Star Gazing At Night With A Binocular – Skip The Telescope

If you are into star gazing, you would know that a binocular is very important in addition to your telescopes. When you own the ultimate binoculars for Stargazing at night, you would find yourself, using it more than using the telescope. A telescope will be used only when you want to explore certain constellations in detail. When you are just watching the sky, finding the stars and the constellation patterns, you need a binocular.

Just grab a binocular and look through and you will be amazed at the sheer number of stars you can see. All those empty spots to your naked eye would be filled with tiny stars. The binoculars can just amplify the view in front of you so that you are treated to a beautiful view.

Why A Binocular And Not A Telescope

A telescope can give you a much closer look at the sky and enable you to analyze everything in detail. However, a binocular is a better option for star gazing, where you don’t have to analyze anything, because:

* The field of view you get with a binocular is much larger than what you get with a telescope

* It is small, compact and very portable

* When using it in the dark, the binocular has the ability to collect and provide you with more light than the telescope

* You can see the sky with both the eyes. No more squinting or trying to peer through one eye after the other, to get a good view. You can look at the sky like looking at something in plain sight.

* You can just turn your head around, holding the binoculars to your eyes and see everything up in the sky. You don’t have to change the angle and refocus, etc like with a telescope.


What Do You See?

So what do you actually get to see through your top and small binoculars (compact) that you have purchased for star gazing?

* You can get a better view of the moon. With a wider field of view than a telescope, in a binocular you can see the entire moon up close without having to focus in parts

* You can get a closer look at the planets. You can see the rings around Saturn, the small red ball called mars, Jupiter and its moons, etc.

How To Hold It?

Binoculars come in different sizes. While the small ones can be held with your free hand, the bigger ones require you to use a tripod. Hand held binoculars are better as you can carry them around, turn in any direction and watch the sky freely. If you have to mount it and change the direction every time, it is more work than fun.

However, if you want a deeper look at the sky, you will need more magnification and that is possible only with the bigger binoculars. This will have to be mounted on a tripod, to get the best out of it.

Selecting a binocular for your star gazing can be tricky. can give you clear idea about how you should go about it.