Virtual Reality Devices – Getting a Great Inexpensive VR Experience

Do you love playing games? Are you an ardent gamer? If yes then you are in for a huge, massive delight. Gear up your gadgets, keep them ready and start on an adventurous journey of gaming.

If you are not a game lover, we can be pretty sure that you may want to at least once in your lifetime experience this world. It’s time for the next level of Gaming-The world of thrills, pleasure, satisfaction- the Virtual Reality! A Package of fascinating experience!

So, for all of you-amateurs and professionals in gaming, let us tell you what these mean and how this two word technology is going to change your brains and many other things.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a technology. It uses software in generating realistic images, sounds and other gaming necessities to provide a real world experience and ambience to the gamers. It is also a simulator and a trainer, based on its usage context.

Imagine doctors and training doctors getting to work using virtual bodies rather than the original ones? First trying their operation procedures virtually than experimenting on real lives? Sounds Brilliant! It will take the medical sector to amazing heights.

How about Air transport industry? Teaching our pilots in a Virtual Real world and then deploying on the grounds! Yes, it’s going to be a massive help indeed.

Well, before going into the topic, let’s learn a little history of this world. VR is not a completely new technology. Since decades people have been working on this concept, but in different perspectives and ways. Only in 80’s there was a VR device released, which didn’t gain the required attention from the population. This concept was all incorporated in many movies making them a huge success, but when it came to reality, it didn’t click well.

Only with the arrival of Oculus Rift, the 2010 model, giving a 2D experience, VR got an overwhelming response. Later in 2014, Facebook took up this Oculus VR Company for $2billion. Meanwhile many other companies also started announcing their production of Virtual Reality devices to the people. Sony, Samsung, HTC, Google, all was lined up.

Ah! Many competitors, confusing the buyers with their attractive ads and so called deals. Are you finding it difficult to buy a brand one due to its cost factor? But still want to experience the world. Don’t worry friends; Google is at your fingers.

Yes, its google again. Google-our beloved company which is serving people since ages is again down with a new invention on this VR world. They have introduced A GREAT, INEXPENSIVE VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE via their new device called VR Google Cardboard 3D.

Wow is the word!!! For more ‘wow’-ness go to and see the fantastic experience it gives, all within your reach.

We don’t think there would be anyone, who has not played Roller Coaster! How big was that? Have seen the clouds in them? Did the roller coaster break and give you a death experience?

Sounds I am talking out of mind? No, it is a game supported by the device we are talking about. Go to, which is an official website, online site providing review about this inexpensive Google Cardboard.  “”– just clicks and looks in, thrilling experience.

They speak about a Bloody Roller coaster game which is extremely dangerous, thrilling, giving a taste of death and finally landing you at a deserted place. Would you ever try this in Real world? We know you would call us mad, but yes, for those non-game-lovers, here it is! A fantastic, thrilling life experience, all a cheap price!